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's a christmas tree. barack obama calls it a christmas tree. he's your guy. he calls it a christmas tree. >> well, then times are changing and here in this building, previous governors, not only me i just said continue what the previous governor did. you hike to make a lot of controversy. >> bill: governor, you're the guy making the controversies. i want to make what americans are happy. and you're imposing your authority and your will and making people unhappy in the season of joy, you're not-- >> i don't make anybody happy. >> bill: i know not making anybody happy, and atheists want you to burn the tree, now i'm right, in your heart you know i'm right. >> merry christmas. >> bill: all right. governor, thanks for taking the heat. we appreciate you coming on. >> have a good day. >> bill: by the way, the governor gave the good people of rhode island exactly 30 minutes to attend the tree lighting ceremony. why the short notice? he didn't want protesters. next a rundown, miss laura ingraham, tensions between traditional americans and those who want to radically change the country. that make me smile
the right of big government, and there are times when you have a president, like obama, who makes the argument that we need government to come together and invest in innovation, and health care and the public accepts that. that's a fight. >> anyway, on afghanistan, an issue close to my heart, the american public is sick of it. ron, the question is 11 years and there's still 35% of the country that wants to stabilize afghanistan. i think the british and soviets are still trying to do that. it's not going to get done. >> no, it's not. but it is remarkable that the country has become, i would think, decidedly less pro-war than it was a decade or so ago. we have these grinding wars that have done really nothing for the safety of the country. and were illegitimate to begin with. so the country is really sick of war. we're war-weary. we don't want to be sending young people off to some central asian hot spot anymore to just spend a decade there, what? building a nation in afghanistan? is that really what we're going to? >> if you want to talk about the good news of the past year, you ha
obama, rachel swarnes wrote one about mrs. obama. called american tapestry. jody cantor, wrote the obamas a reporter with "the new york times" and david marenes, first half of his biography on president obama, barack obama the story, came out as well. >> yes. i mean obviously whenever there is a sitting president it is a boon for publishers who can jump on a bandwagon and publish as many books as well. the maraniss was interesting to me in particular because it dealt into the early life of barack obama from his childhood, to when he was a student in new york to his early organizing days. he really did a thorough job in terms of talking with a whole plethora of different people who knew the president in his early life. jodi cantor also clearly did quite a bit of reporting and investigation with her book about the marriage between barack and michelle obama and rachel swarnes, from what i understand, took a larger view looking at the first lady and her larger ancestry and putting together a larger story as a result. . . i thought that was a good strong and i feel unless you're par
.c. he is certainly someone who has been useful over the course of the past 24 hours. president obama, for his part, has been placing phone calls, as well. he has launched this two-pronged approach behind the scenes and launching this very public cam paraphernal campaign. democrats, you heard him come out today and sail this is not a perfect plan. it doesn't do everything we wablted. as you know, he ran on that campaign of increasing taxes on those who make $250,000 or more. the deal that is coming to fruition is those making more than $450,000. and there's some other compromises. so the president really taking a two-pronged approach here as these negotiations come forward. more reaction on capital hill. let me talk about this whole idea that even if it gets through the senate, etch if we see vice president biden go up on the hill, they get this done, maybe, even a vote tonight, you still have the house and we heard a lot of negative reaction right after some of the parameters of this deal came out. what are you hearing? that's right, chris. i think it's the most under-reported aspect
what people are going to do. all i'm saying is i think the case that we can make, barack obama's policies are passed, our expectations, our dreams for women, contrasted with the republican agenda as it has been and continues to be relative to women, i don't think it is a close call. >> okay. >> and i think women will make that judgment. >> let's get back to the economy for just a moment. a white house campaign staff member told me yesterday that 67% of the american people want the wealthy to pay more. do you believe that number? and do you think the people are with you on that? >> absolutely, look, i come from a wealthy state of little delaware, and got elected seven times in the state being a progressive. and i never once engaged in the so-called class war fare. because i found out, and you know as i do, wealthy people are just as patriotic as lower class and middle class people. >> you said they're ready to do more. >> i remember looking at a poll, we were trying to get the jobs bill passed. and we said in order to put 400,000 teachers and teachers aides, and firefighters and
. >> big bird. >> binders. >> i just called president obama to congratulate him. >> i congratulated him and paul ryan on a hard fought campaign. >> i prey that the president will successf fuful in guiding nation. >> we are an american family and we rise or fall together. the task of perfecting our union moves forward. >>> tonight we are celebrating the year in the news, the winnersnd the losers, the person of the year and we will handout the donald trump award to the person who has embarrassed him or herself the most this year. all right. let's start with the most valuable player of the 2012 presidential campaign. alex wagner, the most valuable player of the 2012 campaign. >> in my book, it's david pluf. i think this is a line in the sand for american campaign politics. i think, you know, you said beginnings of what with dean and certainly obama .10. >> crystal, most valuable player of the 2012 campaign. >> i have to say we don't know exactly his identity or her yooidity, but the -- probably the waiter who placed the camera at the mitt romney fund-raiser and captured the 47% comments wh
crucial final month of the presidential race between barack obama and mitt romney. test. >> barack obama didn't perform that well until late and romney didn't perform the campaign well. campaign management is more important than an individual candidate's performance. >> woodruff: from boston, hari sreenivasan reports on a city- wide effort to keep kids engaged in education through meaningful work experiences. >> we're starting at the very early ages to try to help young people speak. that is a direct relationship to being successful in school and being successful in your life >> woodruff: and we close out 2012 with two takes on history, first, a look at the emancipation proclamation on the eve of the 150th anniversary of president lincoln's action to end slavery and the civil war. >> woodruff: plus michael beschloss and richard norton smith talk about potential historical turning points of the past year. that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technolog
. >> the first face-off from the republican front-runners. the main target was barack obama. >> whoever the nominee is, we all want to give pete barack obama. >> the third one, i can. >> this is a president who talked about lowering taxes even if he raises them. >> we will not be barack obama with some guy who has swiss bank accounts. >> 9-9-9. game on. >> the people of i was spoke, so i have decided to stand aside. >> thank you, new hampshire. >> mitt romney scored a decisive victory. >> the south carolina at surprise. newt gingrich wins. >> we will suspend our campaign effective today. we are not done fighting. >> mitt romney is the winner in texas. >> mitt romney has 30 more delegates than he needs to win the republican nomination. >> my running mate and the next vice president of the united states, paul ryan. >> mitt romney took his running mate for a test driver in nascar country. >> all i am asking is we go back to the rates under bill clinton, for folks like me. >> i am not going to shut up. it is my turn. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> you mus
went and embraced obama. that was a big deal. he was the main people surrogate for romney campaigning in the election for him to validate and say hey, this guy is doing a great job. didn't help days before the election. >> eric: big story. sandy. christie. two big stories. >> kimberly: yes. >> eric: juan, what about you, sir? actually i don't think there is any -- >> juan: i don't think there is any question. the big story of the year was the election. the big story here is the change in the way technology, media treats an election. i remember the debate. the first debate. won by romney. the way i was looking at it. obama is not doing bad. not doing great but basically you got to knock out the champ to beat him. it didn't see a knock-out. all my friends like sean hannity, i sit next two on twitter and they're scoring the debate minute by minute, everything going on in social media. in that case, romney was the winner. that's true with fundraising. each campaign raised $1 billion. how much money is that? for what? >> andrea: how could you think that obama was doing just okay job? just
president obama come out earlier today and talk about the fact that look, this isn't a perfect deal. this represents compromise on all sides. part of the reason you saw president obama come out today is not only to pressure republicans, but also to pressure democrats to get the deal done before this midnight deadline that is now so close and that is fast approaching. so there is some opposition that is being voiced from the left. could this impact the decision of some senate democrats? we'll have to wait and see, certainly. but, of course, when these deals come together, there are a lot of discordant voices. vice president biden, as kelly mentioned, is prepared to go to capitol hill if senate democrats meet and they decide that he is needed there, he will go over and meet with them. and he is of course has been critical to moving these negotiations forward. minority leader mitch mcconnell reached out to him over the weekend saying he needs a dance partner in these negotiations. vice president biden entered the negotiations, and things really seem to start to move forward. of course,
. then president obama came on scene, and he brought us out of the recession, and it takes money to get out of recession. now they are trying to blame him for all of the spending. mitch mcconnell, he is a disgrace to the senate floor. he said he one of the president to be a one-term president. the people voted obama back in. host: the minority leader, mitch mcconnell, has been negotiating with the vice president joe biden to come to some sort of agreement. what you make of that? caller: i'm talking about what mitch mcconnell said in the beginning. he did not want to work with this president. the want it to see him fail. they're hurting the american people by not helping obama. obama is good for the country, but people that listen to rush limbaugh, sarah palin, and fox news, that is why this country is going down like this. host: let me get your thoughts on president obama as a negotiator. what do you think? caller: he has reached out and showed an olive branch dejon banner ever since he has been in. -- john boehner ever since he has been in. president obama has tried to work with these peop
obama wins, republicans lose in a way that perhaps is more telling than just what one election result might suggest. >> well, i think it certainly does. it difference him a certain platform and credibility perhaps he didn't have before. watching as these fiscal cliff negotiations have gone through the holidays, it certainly is more perhaps a little bit more bully pulpit for the president and his position on taxes. the biggest story of the year came at the end of the year in the past week or so, the massacred sandy hook elementary in newtown and i think the presidency now might be shaped by those events. those are the stories barnicle and andrea have chosen as the top stories of 2012 to cover. >> mike barnicle, would you agree this could be a signature of a second term. >> i do agree with that. i think the events a few days ago of newtown in connecticut will help shape the president's second term in office and gives us huge impetus of change in this country that have taken too long to take hold. i think to the presidency himself and man himself was shaped and altered by these events as
've also learned that president obama personally called harry reid and nancy pelosi to ensure that they are on board with this plan. our chuck todd says it is not likely that we would see a deal on that vote before midnight, just on the logistical standpoint the house remains adjourned until tomorrow. mike, what is the latest you're hearing about a possible vote tonight, maybe not before midnight at this point, but sometime during the night? >> yeah, i don't think it will happen before midnight, just too many procedural hoops to jump through, and they haven't even completed writing the bill. vice president joe biden arrived, met with harry reid briefly, and walked into the second floor and into the caucus room where democrats had gathered. joe biden's mention to pitch this deal, to the caucus, one mention, if they're going to bring it up tonight. we talked about the senate and how slow it moves. it can move very fast, when they have unanimous consent, in other words, where every senator says it is okay to move forward. that will be the trick. there will be a lot of senators wi
, but it did help president obama, explain that? >> yeah, were there reporters, a lot of reporters who were rooting for barack obama? absolutely, no question. but did mitt romney lose because of that? no, but no with an asterisk, let's take one example, benghazi. the media played down that story. if they had played it up that could have been a big deal, could have been a game changer, could have swayed the election. mitt romney didn't either, and he decided after the first presidential debate to play it safe, run out the clock, bad strategy and then the hurricane and the embrace with the governor, and the president, lights out. here is where the asterisk is, and media did affect the election. when president obama-- when president obama decided he wanted to run for president, the media decided they were going to fall in love with him. he were going to create an image of somebody who was bigger, better, different, smarter, than any other politicians who came before him. he wasn't even a politician, as far as they were concerned. he was-- there was a chum in the wall street journal that descri
obama y eol congreso , no llegaron a ningún acuerdo para evitar el abismo fiscal , así que vendran una serie de impuestos , dijeron que dejarian vencer el plazos in embargo , el congreso podría aprobar un proyecto de ley con caracter , retroactivo , lo que està en limbo es el precio de la leche , el gobierno subenciona los precios , para calcular el precio de la leche el gpob pagara el doble significa que todos pagaremos más hasta 7 dolares por galon de leche que tal con està alza , enseguida en noticias univisión 14 en cuestion de horas las bolsas de plástico serán cosa del pasado , además el padre del pistolero . >>;> reclama el cuerpo de su hijo familiares dieron un último adiòs a jenny rivera , ya volvemos no se vaya . >>> en el funeral cantaron mariachis , rivera murió el 9 de diciembre , cuando el avión en el que víajaban se estrello en montañas el cuerpo del autor de la masacre , 20 niños había permanecido en la morgue sin que nadie lo reclamara , los restos de adam lanza fueron entregados a su padre peter lanza , la policía dijo que podrían pasar meses para e
it will be a temporary move. i think the obama administration again is wanting to show, hold up bp that we're punishing them. this is an enormous company. it is one of the biggest oil and gas producers in the u.s.. gerri: doesn't it matter if it loses contracts in the u.s.? >> they have a lot of contracts already. those contracts don't go away. this is only on new contracts. it is important but i think it is a temporary deal. gerri: robert bryce, you must come back and sit on set again. >> always happy to be here. gerri: still ahead tonight, a mountain of new regulations coming our way next year thanks to congress. we'll break it down. >>> and president obama promised to end crony capitalism? how is he doing? we'll have a report card. ard. this is $100,000. ard. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally. gerri: brace yourselves for a tsunami of new regulations on
say they will disrail it. >> if i was worried about a deal struck by president obama and the senate? no. >> democrats incyst it would be exercise in futility that could rattle world markets. >> mercifully, worst congress in history perhaps goes out of existence in two days. if they open this up on the floor and starting to amend, you know, we'll be swearing in the new congress while they are still acting out that drama. >> yet, conservative outrage over the deal is building. especially after the congressional budget office said legislation that was supposed to help cut the deficit will now add $3.6 trillion to the national debt over the next ten years. the architect of the senate deal minority leader mitch mcconnell notes it lacks in tax cut for large portion of the public. rattling it now would likely hand the blame to the republicans. >> i can speak to the entire conference when i say we don't think taxes should be going up on anyone. but we all knew if we did nothing they would be going up on everyone today. we weren't going to let that happen. >> aide to the president incyst he
obama que pusiera el control de armas en el primer lugar. >>ha llegado el momento de resolver la situación migratoria de once indocumentados que viven en el país >>da la impresion de que se está comenzando a empantanar las buenas intenciones >>anunciamos la marcha para enero 21 >>los inmigrantes anunciaroin que marcharán por las calles de chicago, el dia de toma de posesion del barack obama >>en los Ángeles se preparan marchas similares. >>otro factor que pudiera complicar el debate para antes de junio, es el retiro de un juez de la suprema corte de justicia, lo que daria paso a un elegir a su sucesor >>los repúblicanos saben que perdieron la casa blanca porque perdieron a los latinos, si quieren tener posibilidad a largo plazo, tienen que recuperar a los latinos, y la reforma migratori es el primer paso >>y se incremento el salario mínimo en diez estados. en washington 9 dólares 19 cenetavos en san francisco, en esa ciudad se incremento en 10 dólares 55 centavos para el año 2013 >>entran en vigor hoy numerosas leyes, en california más de 700 leyes, entre ellas licenci
the senate voted in favor of a budget deal that now goes to the house and president obama wants action today. >>> revelers from around the globe, from rio de janeiro and beyond, welcome 2013 with a bang. and a few peculiar traditions. >>> we say good-bye to the safest year in air travel forever and say hello to over 400 new laws. good morning on this first day of january and a happy wonderful new year to you all. i'm bill karins. it's up to the house. they're expected to take up a senate measure approved just hours after midnight aimed at halting an enormous tax hike for all but the wealthiest of americans from taking effect. 89 in favor, 8 no-votes coming from three democrats and five republicans. nbc's steve handelsman has the latest details from capitol hill. good morning and happy new year to you. >> reporter: bill, thanks, good morning on capitol hill. members of both political parties who badly want these middle class taxes rolled back fa fast, "what the senate did this morning makes it easier for house republicans to follow suit. it was a rare bipartisan vote, 89-8. two hours after am
, the sort of, the electoral body that made obama's victory possible. i mean, i think there was -- no one was talking about the sort of numbers that showed up for obama. no one was predicting the diversity of the vote. no one was predicting that sort of the republican strategy for sering a romnevictorwould come to grief so kind of spectacularly. i mean, i'm telling you. even the communities who came out to vote, i think, were shocked by their own numbers and by their own power. i mean, when you look at the cuban community in florida, a community that has historically voted super conservative and suddenly see an entirely new generation voting, and you see those numbers that they put up for obama. it was extraordinary. and i think that a lot of folks have very poor sensef wh's happening in this country on the ground. i mean, they're kind of all the way up here, whether it's age, class, institutional divisions. and they don't really have a real kind of panoramic or even a deep view of the real sort of granular shifts that have occurred in this country, that have been occurring. >> if you too
federal workers. president obama signed an granting arder raise. include members of congress and the white house staff. mr. obama will not be getting a raise. will -- not all will get a raise, and -- be out of the job. leon panetta said he does not the day-to-day operations dramatically if we go over the fiscal cliff. the planning has begun for a layoffs. government civilian furloughs could impact to 800,000 workers. we're learning more about a crash to second involving prince william county. yung died a short time colliding with a minivan bristow. withe witness we spoke describes a chaotic scene. could see people trying to the police officer. it was hard to see through the smoke and flames. >> i thought it was going to explode. moments after he collided minivan, and nearby drivers snapped this picture. >> they were shooting out of the window. e front end of the car, everything. >> she rushed over from a nearby store and into the chaos. >> we saw the flames of the car. >> the man they were trying to save was prince william county chris yung.er he was writing to a separate when i minivan tu
entierran a la diva, la familia rivera tierra a la artista. >>> y el presidente barack obama dice que se ve acuerdo para evitar el abismo fiscal pero no votarÍan antes de la medianoche. >>>la salud de chÁvez suspende fiesta en plaza bolÍvar y piden a todos orar por la salud del presidente hugo chÁvez. >>> y seguridad y festejos con mucho frÍo y seguridad y alegria miles se preparan para recibir el 2013 en times square. >>> salud, dinero y amor, ritual y amuletos que muchos usan para la suerte. >>> la ediciÓn del noticiero comienza ahora. >>> muy buenas noches soy vanesa, y josÉ dÍaz estÁ de vacaciones. >>> y comienzo en mÍ california dÓnde finalmente fuete errada jenny despuÉs de 3 semanas del accidente aÉreo en que muriÓ junto a seis acompaÑante vÍctor hugo estÁ en el cementerio con toda la informaciÓn, muy buenas tardes vÍctor hugo. >>> muy buenas tardes vanesa y claro que sÍ como tu lo decias, esto ocurre a 22 dÍas del trÁgico accidente en que perdura la vida jenni rivera en monterrey nuevo leÓn y despuÉs deseo que pasÓ la cantante los restos fueron traÍdos a es
that stop so we can turn the country around and began to be a starter country again. know that the obama administration over the course of the term has imposed 400 regulations that impose more than $100 million of costs annually on small businesses. the small business administration has said that there are so many regulatory burdens on small business that it cost them $10,000 per employee. those are the kinds of things that we want to stop rig now so we can see more startup and jobs created. >> is one thing to hope for freezing regulations. but guess we had hoped for "a-team" canaday. if you don't know these regulations, you could be in big trouble. let's say that you stop adding to the regulations. that alone has prompted the obama administration say, well, republicans don't want to protect us. how are you going to answer the predictable criticism that you're not looking out for folks, you are looking out for business interests? >> well, we are. we are saying in health emergency, of course. any sensible policymaker would say you have to be able to address those. but right now, the pendu
a spending problem. president obama still does not understand that this problem as he recently issued an executive order to most civilian employees. i believe these raises are grossly inappropriate and represent an insult to hardworking american taxpayers. these factors have prompted me to join this legislation to halt these unnecessary salary increases. you've heard arguments today that federal workers are being victimized by this legislation. here are a few facts that will rebut that assumption. one, the income of the average american private sector family has gone down $4,000 during the last four years. number two, federal workers on average earn pay and benefits that are equal that to their private sector counterparts. number three, federal workers pay an amount into the federal retirement plan that is less than .1 that private workers pay into sex. last year hardworking american taxpayers had to subsidize about $40 billion to subsidize the unsolvency of the civil service retirement system. mr. speaker, for these reasons and the huge deficits of our federal government, i support t
correspondent ed henry looks at messaging and movement from president obama and what the democrats are saying. mike emanuel on a framework of a deal that is still, at this hour, still influx. >> good evening, yes. there is definitely some heart burn on the left. we are expecting senate democrats are telling us they are expecting vice president joe biden who negotiated this deal for the democrats to come up here at some point to try to calm nerves of his fellow democrats. they are anxious about the tax rate level. they were hoping for the $200,000 tax rate to 250 that president obama campaigned on. hearing that it's going to be higher than that, they are anxious about it. bottom line, the key negotiators in this deal are trying to get it done. >> we'll continue to work on finding smarter ways to cut spending. but let's not let that hold up protecting americans from the tax hike that will take place. we can do this. we must do. this. >> though it is down to the wire. >> it's december the 31st. january 1st is tomorrow. 2013, tax does up. john thune says the senate should have acted months ago to
, i think that opportunity was missed in the boehner/obama negotiations. there really was no time to do anything except the basics right now. and i think there's a good shot that this will succeed. i think both parties are very conscious of the markets opening tomorrow and the republicans have been through situations where they've voted down big plans and the markets have crashed. so i don't think that john boehner wants that on his head and i think that president obama's planning to blame him if that happens. there as lot of work being done to convince some liberal democrats and conservative republicans, because republicans in voting for this would have to vote for a tax rate increase which a lot of them have signed pledges saying they would never do. it's a big step but i think they'll take it. >> david, looking at house speaker john boehner a lot of people thought he ended up looking bad when that plan b failed. does he have the votes for this and/or could his speakership be in trouble? >> i don't know that his speakership is in trouble. during a year and a half ago during the
questioned newt gingrich about his food stamp comments. >> you refer to president obama as the food stamp president. it sounds as if you are seeking to the little people. [boos] >> first of all, juan, the fact is, more people up and put on food stamps by barack obama than any president in american history. [applause] heineman the politically correct or not supposed to use facts that are uncomfortable. >> that was newt gingrich being questioned by fox news juan williams at a presidential debate. walter mosley, your response? >> this interesting, at a struggle with cnn a little bit because i had written about the poetry of the statement. food stamp president is billion. it is like a whole book of things in three words. he applies them, so he's not releasing it. when you watch the clip, it is the same thing. he says, "well, jun," and he stops. i am talking to some of the of color print the way he does it is so -- he is a master at that. i wanted to talk about how bad is the kind of the all-i wanted to talk about how that is the kind of useless, a brilliant american politics. we're talking ab
. the fiscal cliff fiasco. the obama plan, to the speakersi boehner plan, it will either o alter the rising rate of spending were less than the science of our bloated government. the answer in tonight "chalk [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china, impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. ro price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. lou: you know, everybody's getting pretty excited about that fiscal cliff negotiation or impasse, however you want to3 style it. mayi want t showu, lou: everybody is getting re ofed about the fiscal clifft, negotiation. i thoughtht i would show you wht thuld happen if we change into thspeaker boehner plan, the president obama plan, let's start out with the do-nothing plan because t
obama says the green is the, quote, right thing to do for our country. the legislation now moves to the house where its future is unknown. fox's patty ann brown has the story. >> reporter: senate lawmaker voted overwhelmingly in favor of legislation to avert the fiscal cliff. >> the bill as amended is passed. >> vice president joe biden in a visit to the capitol monday night explaining the pact he northed with senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. prior to the vote, the vice president said he felt confident about the deal but stayed away from making any predictions. >> having been in the senate along as i have, there are two things you shouldn't do. you shouldn't predict how the senate will vote before they vote. you won't make a lot of money. and number two, you surely shouldn't predict how the house is going to vote. >> reporter: if passed by the house, it would stop many of the spending cuts. >> middle class families will wake up today to at assurance that their taxes won't go up. >> reporter: democratic senator tom harkin suggested the legislation missed the mark. >> it doe
there is still a lot of work going on on capitol hill. president obama said a deal is in sight to stop america going over the so-called fiscal cliff. congress officials have said the house of representatives will not vote before midnight despite tense negotiations to get an agreement signed before midnight washington time. that will trigger a series of automatic spending cuts and tax hikes and could send the country back into recession. >> of america is staring into the economic unknown. there will be some real damage. there are some people deserving far better and we will be scrambling to find budget reductions in we can understand. >> we are upon the fiscal cliff. will we need to focus on is how we find that common ground. ira by -- i believe republicans and democrats alike want to put us on the course to fiscal discipline. >> we are running at a time. americans are threatened with a tax hike in just few hours. i hope we can keep in mind that our single most important goal is to protect middle-class families. >> democrats and republicans in congress have to get this done but
obama surrounded himself with middle- class families to make the point that it would be average americans who would be hardest hit by a failure to compromise. >> the agreement being worked on right now would further reduce the deficit by asking the wealthiest 2% of americans to pay higher taxes for the first time in two decades. that would add additional hundreds of billions of dollars to deficit reduction. so that is progress. but we will need to do more. >> but no one is claiming the bill is perfect. the sticking point is what to do about cuts in major government departments. the problem has been put off for now. on the taxation side, the president got nearly everything he wanted with republicans agreeing to raise taxes on the wealthiest and extend unemployment benefits. the major public holiday of new year's day means global stock markets are shocked on tuesday and that give these them -- and that gives them more time. the u.s. politicians were so voted down ideologically that they were unable to save their country from the economic cliff, all of which is of their own making.
of a budget deal that now goes to the house and president obama are wants action today. >>> revelers around the globe from rio de janeiro welcome 2013 with a bang with a few peculiar traditions. >>> we say good-bye to the safest air travel ever, and we say hello to over 400 new laws. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for tuesday, january 1st, 2013. >>> good morning, on this first day of january, i'm bill karins. now it's all up to the house today. they're expected to take up a senate measure approved just hours after midnight and it's halting an enormous tax hike for all but the wealthiest of americans from taking effect. nbc's steve handelsman has all the latest details from capitol hill where it's been a very long night. good morning and happy new year to you, steve. >> reporter: bill, thanks. up here on capitol hill, members of both political parties who badly want these middle class taxes rolled back fast, quote, what the senate did this morning makes it easier for house republicans to follow suit. it was a rare bipartisan senate vote. 89-8. two hours a
. that's entirely possible. but nancy pelosi is on a phone call with president obama and harry reid and she signed off on this, so she has a pretty good sense of where her caucus is, will be getting a lot of democratic support. when you look at how much democratic support this got in the senate, that's an indication it would get a lot in the house. the thing is, speaker boehner gets to determine if this bill -- i think the fact is, if you put this bill on the house floor, it will go through very easily. it's up to him whether he wants to put it on the floor or change it to get more republican support. >> brianna keilar, a big day ahead of us. thank you very much. >> let's go to capitol hill, jonathan allen, a senior correspondent for politico. happy new year. i want to pick up where brianna left off. john boehner has a choice here, to correspon corral support fro republicans or put it to an up-or-down vote. the distance is allowing super groups to put pressure on congressmen to say we don't like this deal. people on the left don't like the deal, say it gives away too much. people on
the little bear hug where christie, game changer for the election, where christie went and embraced obama. that was a big deal. he was the main people surrogate for romney campaigning in the election for him to validate and say hey, this guy is doing a great job. didn't help days before the election. >> eric: big story. sandy. christie. two big stories. >> kimberly: yes. >> eric: juan, what about you, sir? actually i don't think there is any -- >> juan: i don't think there is any question. the big story of the year was the election. the big story here is the change in the way technology, media treats an election. i remember the debate. the first debate. won by romney. the way i was looking at it. obama is not doing bad. not doing great but basically you got to knock out the champ to beat him. it didn't see a knock-out. all my friends like sean hannity, i sit next two on twitter and they're scoring the debate minute by minute, everything going on in social media. in that case, romney was the winner. that's true with fundraising. each campaign raised $1 billion. how much money is that? for
of the woods yet. >> president obama said the agreement fell short of what both sides wanted but that it was the right thing to do for the country. >> senators passed the bill with 89-8. after months of wrangling, lawmakers ended their deadlock. >> i know i can speak for my conference when i say we don't think taxes should go up on anyone. but if we knew if we did nothing they would be going up on everyone. >> the bill heads to the republican controlled house of representatives and could come to a vote later today but it is far from certain that it will pass. president obama urged members to back the deal though it falls short of what he originally sought. >> my preference would have been to solve all of the problems in the context of a larger agreement, bigger deal, a grand bargain, whatever you want to call it that solves our deficit problems in a responsible way. does not just deal with the taxes but deals with the spending so that we can put it behind us and focus on just growing our economy. >> the plan would permanently raise taxes on households making more than $450,00
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. president obama issuing a statement this morning saying, juliet? >> while neither democrats nor republicans got everyone they wanted, this agreement is the right thing to do with our country and the house should pass it without delay. is the house likely going to pass it without delay, or pass it period? the chief congressional correspondent for the "washington examiner" joins us now. good morning, my dear. thank you very much for waking up early today. we especially appreciate it today. let's get right to it. what do you think is going to happen with the house? >> they'll gavel in today and they'll discuss the deal. and i think what it will boil down to is a deal that attracts a lot of democrats and some republicans. they need at least two dozen republicans, maybe more, depending on whether they lose a few democrats who don't like that higher tax threshold passed last night in the senate. it's going to be a matter of whether or not these republicans find enough attractive elements in this deal. and they might. they might like the higher tax threshold of $400,000 for singles and $450,000 fo
obama called benghazi a result of sloppy thinking. we have sloppy thinking going on at dod not trying to figure out what is best to do regarding these cuts as well as to make an effective defense. >> military pay is exempt from sequestration. the budget analysts yourself expect widespread furloughs of dod civilians to pay for the military operations. >> that's right. we are looking at actual cuts and capability. no one thought this through no one thought we should cut the construction costs of expanding military fashion illities. because the loss is 10 percent across the board that means 10 percent across the board. that we have to do is get it right. figure out what needs done where these offsets can come from and do the hard things which they didn't do up until now. >> that's the question what should be done first because the sequestration calls for 500 billion in defense spending cuts that's about 50 billion annually. which do you expect to come first what do you think should come first? >> you have to look at high-tech programs regarding research and developing. we are way ahead o
the details. many democrats didn't love all the details, but they're going to -- president obama has signed on to the deal, so that's going to push a lot of democrats over the line and they'll get enough votes today to get this passed. >> all right, let's say this gets done today, lynn. vice president biden reportedly told democrats, and we saw him going on the hill, i don't know what time, 10:00, 11:00 last night, that the real work is yet to come in march, when the sequester cuts will come up again, and of course, the debt ceiling battle. how does what happened last night either pave the way for or impede the way to what happens in the spring? >> well, it sets it up. it's a kick of the can down the road. and one of the trade-offs that biden made was giving the restoring to republicans some of the leverage they lost right now. everyone knows that the big pressure to get the senate to act was that everyone's taxes was going to rise at midnight. now it's some people's, the wealthiest taxes. that was leverage. democrats won't have it again in a few weeks. that's another reason why some democr
would be was likely to face, and anticipating an obama win that night, there was some pr pressscience of the filibuster used to block things i've had the good fortune to read 0 lot of kevin mattson's books and he is a wonderful history yap of postwar liberalism. he tells it in ways that are very perceptive. he avoids the fashionable trends to make sure he gets underneath things. so he is not a revisionist. and he writes about other periods as well. including par tis par -- partic- and upton sinclair, and you've read though o'judge" and we're all too young to remember "end poverty in california," but kevin provides a rich, rich, history of 20th century american history in the context of our larger scheme of things. so, let's welcome kevin mattson and "just plain dick. ." [applause] >> thanks for that wonderful introduction and always a pressure to be at "politics and prose" one of my favorite places to be. what i'll do is talk for a while and then obviously be eager to entertain questions that you might have about the book. and about its relationship to contemporary politics or what ha
called the epcurian eating house. he is hero of the book. i think of him as a barack obama slightly ahead of his time. intelligent mixed race man who comes out of nowhere to charm washington. serve the washington elite what they want only to face a tremendous backlash. read the book you will see parallels to our own time there anyway, the point is, that in this book, far from slavery being dominant in washington, d.c. and all oppressive force, slavery is actually receding and the forces of liberty are growing and that is really part of what this book is about. second thing you probably think is the civil war began in, oh, you know, april 1861 with the gunfire at fort sumter. that is when the shooting of the civil war began but part of the argument of this book that the civil war actually began 30 years before that. it is in this period, in the early 1800's that the antsy slavery movement first comes to washington and the direct idealogical conflict that leads to the civil war, the conflict between the people who are forced slavery and conflict of people against it. it is actually starts i
be was likely to face. and anticipating an obama win that night, there was some prescience about the use of the filibuster to block consideration of things. said tonight we will get some historic perspective. i have had the good fortune to read a lot of kevin mattson's books and he is a wonderful historian of post-war liberalism. he tells it in ways that are very perceptive. he avoids fashionable trends to make sure he gets underneath things, so he is not a revisionist. and he writes about other periods as well, including participatory democracy and the progressive era, and upton sinclair. i am sure many of you have read the jungle and we are all too young to remember, and poverty in california his gubernatorial campaign but kevin, kevin provides a rich, rich history of 20th century american history in the context of our larger scheme of things. so let's welcome kevin mattson and "just plain dick." [applause] >> the thanks for that wonderful introduction. it's always a pleasure to be a politics and prose, one of my favorite places to be. what i will do is talk for a little while and obvi
media. y a proposito del tema, el presidente barack obama dijo que el acuerdo alcanzado en el senado para evitar el abismo fiscal, es lo correcto para el pais y alento a la camara de representantes a aprobarlo sin demora.el mandatario dijo que el proyecto de ley pasado en el senado tiene un enfoque equilibrado para reducir el dificit de estados unidos e invertir mas en la clase media y que los ricos paguen un poco mas de impuestos. la secretaria de estado hillary clinton recibio el aqo nuevo en el hospital presbite-riano de nueva york, donde esta siendo tratada por un coagulo en la cabeza.los doctores que la atienden informaron que el coagulo se encuentra en la vena entre el cerebro y el craneo y no ha causado ningun daqo neurologico.agregaron que clinton, de 65 aqos, esta de buen animo y evoluciona favorablemente.el coagulo se le detecto durante un examen de rutina tras la contusion que sufrio a mediados de diciembre. una tonelada de confeti cayo en times square al momento que la tradicional esfera de cristal descendia marcando el inicio del dos-mil-trece. cientos de miles de estas
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